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Queensland real estate would not be complete without an outdoor area. Just a look on and you can see all the beautiful garden ideas that are on the market today. Let’s take a look at what you can do with your garden.

The humble deck is becoming a popular option with home owners. The deck provides a great place for a BBQ and entertaining. With so many decking materials on the market you can achieve a very unique look. Depending on the size of your yard, the deck may be the main feature or it could be just a small part.

A patio provides a concreted area generally for dining and recreation. Concrete can be quite costly to lay but it takes up very little maintenance once you have it installed.

Artificial turf has being making headway in the market place in the past few years. It provides a mowing-free alternative to natural turf.

Maybe you are a keen gardener that just wants to grow their own plants and/or food. A backyard can provide a great place for beautiful plants of all colours and sizes.

Due to our beautiful weather on the Gold Coast there aren’t many back yards without a pool. A pool makes a practical and fun addition to your back yard.

Growing up everyone remembers long days playing in the grass. No childhood is complete without a lawn, it provides the perfect place for playing games, the only limit you have is your imagination. With a soft landing, it gives parents peace of mind that no matter how much rough and tumble their kids get up to in the yard, they will be safe.

Many homeowners are enjoying a beautiful deck and entertaining area that flows on to a lush lawn. Why settle for less?

Call Local Turf, we can instantly transform your backyard with our wide variety of turf.

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