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Turf is a great investment and can actually help reduce soil erosion.

Firstly, you might be asking what is soil erosion and how will it affect my turf?

Soil erosion is where the topsoil is worn away.

The top soil is where plants will concentrate their growth, due to the high density of nutrients, insects, water and organic material. So, if you lose your top soil you will find it very hard to grow plant life.

What causes soil erosion?
Soil erosion can be caused by a few things, but usually mother natural has a hand in the way of water and wind.

In Queensland, we are subject to some harsh weather conditions, and the sun can cause soil to become dry, making it easy for the wind to strip your top soil away, taking with it all the nutritious value.

Queensland again is known for its sub-tropical weather, and with a heavy down-pour or storm you might find your top soil drain away.

How can I prevent soil erosion?

There are a few ways you can prevent soil erosion.

  • You can add mulch to your garden. Not only will this weigh down your soil it will act as a drainage solution, slowing down the flow of water from a heavy rain pour, making it less likely to wash away the valuable top-soil.
  • Improving drainage in your garden is a great way to stop the rain taking your valuable soil.
  • Don’t over water your garden.
  • During the hot summer months, water your garden first thing in the morning to stop the soil flaking and blowing away.
  • One of the best and most athletically pleasing ways to prevent soil erosion is to lay turf. Thick and healthy grass binds your top soil together, and as your grass takes root it will hold it in place when there’s heavy rain or wind.

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