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The simple answer is, if you want your lawn to look great then YES!

If you want a lush lawn that’s healthy then you will need to fertilise it. With each season comes new challenges for your lawn so it’s time to get fertiliser savvy.


After the cold winter months your lawn might need a bit of a boost to get it into optimum growth mode. By adding a fertiliser rich in nitrogen you will jump-start the growing process and give your lawn the best chance at preparing for the harsh summer sun.


After spring has sprung and your lawn has enjoyed some healthy growth, another layer of manure will be needed for the summer season. By fertilising your lawn you will be able to sustain an even growth pattern for your lawn. So not only will your grass be lush and healthy but even as well – perfect!


If you only fertilise once a year, make sure it’s in Autumn. This fertilisation will prepare your lawn for the cold months to come. Encouraging thick green grass to grow will protect your grass for the cooler months. A fertiliser high in potassium will give your lawn a layer of protection.

Remember, when mowing during the autumn and winter, adjust your blades to keep the grass a little longer, this will also give you an extra layer of protection.


A good fertiliser with rich with iron and nutrients will help your lawn over the cooler winter months. Whilst Queensland winters do not tend to get too cool, don’t expect your lawn to grow as quickly in winter even with fertiliser. You will however notice a greener, lushier appearance in your lawn.

For a beautiful green lawn follow our fertilisation advice and you will be sure to have a lawn that is the envy of all your neighbours.

Local Turf will be able to properly advice you on the right fertiliser for your specific turf.

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