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If you need lawn rectification, Gold Coast-based Local Turf is here to help. We have the experience, skills, and know-how to manage any lawn, big or small, for the enjoyment of property owners, visitors, and residents.

Fortunately, your lawn doesn’t go from looking great to looking bad overnight. Typically, a lawn gradually deteriorates over a longer period of time which gives you time to act quickly to rectify the cause of the problem. But how do you know when your lawn isn’t as healthy as it should be, what signs should you be looking for?

5 common signs that your lawn needs rectification

  • Dry patches
  • Increase in weeds
  • General discolouration
  • Fungal appearance
  • Bare patches

If you notice any of these signs then it’s important to act as quickly as you can. Ignoring the issue is only likely to make matters worse.

What is lawn rectification in the Gold Coast?

It’s a range of lawn care treatments and services which keep your lawn looking as green and lush as it did when it was first installed. Every lawn is different which is why you may need a range of services to rectify your lawn problems. After analysing your lawn, we will be able to outline what your lawn requires and provide you with a list of treatments to help improve it.

As a minimum, our lawn experts will provide seasonal feed and weed control applications to keep your lawn healthy. These are custom fertiliser applications tailored to cater for your lawn’s needs.

Regular lawn treatments

Your lawn will receive regular treatments during the early and late spring and summer months, as well autumn and winter treatments. These are tailored to what your lawn needs at the time.

If you’re interested in finding out more about lawn improvement and lawn rectification, Gold Coast residents can contact us on 0433 944 749 and speak to our friendly lawn experts or fill in the online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can count on Local Turf to keep your lawn looking great.

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