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The grass is always greener on the other side. This is true if the other side have been meticulously maintaining their lawn, while you neglect yours.

In some cases though, you might look at someone’s lawn and even in the throes of winter it looks healthy and green, so what are they doing that you’re not?

Winter lawn care

When winter comes, it’s not time to neglect your lawn. Winter does however give you the chance to enjoy a little bit of rest bite from mowing. The need to mow, and your ability to mow with the rain, should decrease as winter draws in. However to keep your lawn looking great during the winter you will need to get the mower out. This also has the added advantage of making sure your mower does not seize up during the winter months.

Many people don’t think there is a need to water their lawn in the winter, and this may well be true. But if you consider Queensland winters, you might want to reconsider your decision. Maybe reduce the amount of watering but ensure your top soil is kept nice and healthy.

Like dogs and cats start to grow their winter coats, your lawn also needs to be winter ready. By fertilising your lawn a few weeks before the colder weather comes in you can add all the nutrients it needs to survive the winter conditions and still look amazing.

Regular fertilising throughout the winter months will pay dividends, and give you that enviable lush, green lawn.

Make sure you remove weeds. Weeds seem to take advantage of the weekend state of your lawn in winter and before you know it they have taken up residence and they bring their friends along too. Regular weed removal and some weedkiller will ensure your lawn stays healthy.

When you buy your turf from Local Turf we give you a step-by-step guide to ensuring your turf looks great all year round.

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