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When selling your home its not just about a beautiful kitchen, immaculate bathrooms and great size living spaces. More and more people are looking at the outdoor space when considering what home to buy.

In a competitive housing market, if you consider that your garden could be the point of difference between your home and another in the same area, maybe it’s time to get some green fingers and add some value to your property.

What landscaping can add value?

  • Trees can add value to a property. Who doesn’t love a leafy location. However, if left unmaintained and unruly, those same trees can really pull down the appearance of your home.
  • Adding some beautiful plants and colour to your yard can give it that immediate lift.
  • Pruning and maintaining your garden is very important, a well maintained yard not only looks good, it shows potential buyers that you care about your home and you’ve looked after it.
  • A beautifully laid lawn can be a real selling point for people. A lawn is a great place to sit and relax, and what child doesn’t love playing in the back garden. A lush lawn is enough to make any house a home.

Whilst many home improvements can raise the value of your home, none seem to provide the positive return that landscaping do. So get your green fingers at the ready and reap the rewards.

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