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When you decide that you want to turf your commercial or domestic premises you are making an investment that will last for many years to come.

If laid correctly, good quality of turf will last.

However, if you don’t take the time to find a reputable turf distributor, you could do all the right things, spend a considerable amount of money and still not end up with the lawn you want.

What is the worst that could happen?

If you are looking at buying turf from Joe Blow on Gumtree, or a friend of a friend is selling turf, what is the worst that could happen. Let’s take a look.

When you buy turf from an unrepeatable supplier you don’t know what you are getting. You could receive a lawn that is riddled with pests or weeds. So, after all the money you’ve spent and the effort it’s taken to lay, you might find it was all a waste of time.

When you speak with a professional company like Local Turf, we take the time to understand your turf needs and find out what turf is suitable for your climate, location and needs. By going through an un-reputable supplier, you might not get the expert advice you need for your turf to thrive. So, even if you have quality turf it might not be suitable for the environment or application you need it for.

Turf that is bad quality can have brown patches and dead areas, so that perfect lawn you’ve wanted, is unachievable from the get-go.

Local Turf has over 45 years’ experience, and our reputation is sterling due to our commitment to quality turf solutions. If you are looking for quality turf that will last the test of time, call Local Turf on the Gold Coast.

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