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Turf around your pool can provide a beautiful and functional setting. Grass provides a lovely natural setting that can’t be achieved with tiles or concrete.

Whether you choose to turf the entire surrounding are of your pool or you decide to mix and match, the results will be breathtaking.

Let’s look at the benefits of grass around your pool.

  • Surrounding your pool with lush green grass and make it look quite the oasis.
  • If you do still want a concrete element to your pool, you can always include a concrete path. By doing so you can have the best of both worlds.
  • In the hot summer sun grass can provide a cool path for you whereas concrete and brickwork can heat up and burn your feet.
  • The cost of turf is a lot less than that of decking or concrete that you might usually find around the pool. Whilst grass does need to be maintained with fertilising and mowing, it does not age like a deck would. Grass if properly maintained will grow stronger, greener and more vibrant over time.
  • Grass provides a less slippery surface for around the pool, so your kids can run around and you know that if anyone was to fall they’d have a nice soft landing.
  • Wet feet are usually dry by the time you reach the house after walking on grass.

At Local Turf we can advise you on the best turf for your environment, needs and location. Each turf responds differently, so the more information you can give us the better we can advise you. At Local Turf we want your turf to last for years to come, so we will make sure you get all the information you need to keep your lawn healthy and lush.

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