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Have you just completed building a new home and would love to improve its outside appearance to add value to your property? Or perhaps your existing lawn needs a makeover. Well, what better way to achieve this than with an affordable, high quality turf grass that will guarantee your exterior looking beautiful all-year-round. Landscaping with turf has proven to instantly increase the market value of one’s home by nearly 10% – In some cases 15%.

Local Turf supplies a wide range of turf varieties of premium quality turf including Buffalo, Kikuyu and Couch suitable for all applications and locations. We specialise in turfs for all areas, which are hard wearing and can handle high traffic whilst staying lush and green. We also offer advice on the best fertilisers and lawn care options to ensure your turf remains in fantastic condition.

Which lawn turf will best suit you, your family and your home?

Here are a few important things you will need to keep in mind when considering the purchase of your turf grass for your place:

1. How much SHADE does the area receive?
Your options may be limited by the amount of shade your area receives. You might need to opt for a Buffalo Grass  variety that will be able to handle extended periods of shade. However if shade is not a difficulty there are a number of other turf variety solutions. Please note; all varieties will grow in full sun including those varieties that are shade tolerant.

2. How much WEAR and USAGE will your lawn endure?
If you have a highly used area that will endure continuous wear, you’re best to choose a turf grass or designed to tolerate this type of situation. There are many lawn varieties that boast durability.

3. Consider your PETS and CHILDREN’S treatment and use of the area?
You don’t want your pets and / or children leaving a lasting impression on your new lawn i.e. bike tracks, holes, etc. Remember to consider this in your decision making also. A hard-wearing Buffalo Grass variety may be the answer or you might need a turf grass that will recover quickly from damage. Another factor you may need to take into account is allergies or any sensitivity your family may have.

4. Think about how much TIME (if any) you would like to spend MAINTAINING your lawn?
You may be meticulous when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of your lawn turf, envious neighbours may be your objective. On the other hand you may be the brown thumb type and lawn maintenance is not your thing. Choosing the right turf grass means you will get the most out of your lawn.

5. What is your BUDGET?
Your budget is another important factor when choosing a Turf Grass Variety. Consider things like maintenance costs and water usage. Choose your lawn turf wisely and think about all the contributing factors, as it may end up costing you more in the long run if poor decisions are made.

Top Turf Killers
*  Leaving turf too long before laying it
*  Poor soil preparation
*  Not enough watering of the turf
*  Not enough regular mowing
*  Lawn Grub

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