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The lawn turf you ultimately choose will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your budget
  • The type of project
  • How much sunlight the intended area gets each day
  • Whether the turf is going to see a lot of foot traffic
  • The climate

Let’s look at a few of the popular varieties of turf grass suitable for a subtropical climate like we experience here on the Gold Coast.


Buffalo Lawn Turf

This is one of the most popular choices for both residential and commercial use and is one of the most common sold by turf supplies and garden supplies stores. Buffalo turf comes in a whole range of varieties.

  • Sir Walter
  • Palmetto
  • Sapphire
  • Shademaster
  • Matilda
  • ST 85
  • ST 26
  • Common Buffalo
  • King’s Pride

These all come with different textures and leaf sizes, as well as varying in softness and coarseness. Many of the Buffalo turf varieties are quite hardy and suitable to Australian conditions. Sir Walter has always been a popular choice for residential lawns on the Gold Coast. It maintains a good winter colour, wears well and has a good tolerance for disease. Sir Walter lawn turf tends to be a little more expensive than the other varieties and requires mowing and edging more regularly.


Kikuyu Lawn Turf

Kikuyu lawn turf is a less expensive turf compared to other turf prices. It makes for a low maintenance lawn and repairs itself quickly. If your lawn area is likely to suffer heavy wear, then this lawn turf is a good choice. It’s a popular choice for public areas, such as in school grounds, due to its hardy nature and ability to repair itself at a rapid rate. It’s also a practical choice for the backyard where children will be playing regularly. It has a soft leaf and makes for a soft lawn overall.

Because this grass has the capacity to repair and grow so quickly, it will require more regular mowing and edge trimming. It only requires a medium amount of sun and likes warm weather.


Couch Lawn Turf

Popular in Australia for a very long time, varieties of couch lawn turf are an old favourite. It’s versatile enough for both home and commercial use. Gone are the days where just “common couch” adorned the yards of Australian homes. After years of careful breeding, this turf variety has improved immensely in the last decade. The new variants are now softer, hardier in drought conditions and have nicer colouring than varieties of old.

This lawn turf is tough, wears very well and loves full sun conditions. Couch will thrive just about anywhere and in any conditions. On the downside, this grass does not fair all that well in areas with a lot of shade.


Local Turf Supplies

For all your turf supplies Gold Coast, come in and see us at Local Turf. Our friendly staff will advise you on the best lawn for the project you have in mind. We even supply the soil and earthworks services.

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