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If you are starting on your picture perfect lawn project, there is a big chance that you are facing the common dilemma of whether you should spend more time less money by using seed or less time more money by using turf for your lawn. This really is the first decision to be made. There are other factors too that go into the decision, but before we present the case here, let us first dispel one myth and that is, grass seed does not necessarily make a better quality lawn than turf. If laid properly and taken care of accordingly, the quality can easily be as good.

Now, let us share with you the pros and cons for both grass seed and lawn turf, then you can decide it yourself which one would be right for your lawn.

Grass seed: Why and why not?

By far, grass seed is the most cost effective option. It also has a greater range of choices, from ornamental to play lawns and shady to drought tolerant lawns. Grass seed is more adaptive to difficult environment (e.g. shade or heavy soil) and easy to spread lawn seed by hand or with a spreader and easy to store too. Grass seed will keep for several years and can be bought the same or very similar lawn seed for repairs years later.


Grass seed is not very ‘instant’, needs a couple of months to establish and requires great skill to have it grown perfectly. There is also the risk of heavy rain washing seed off slopes and it can be prone to attack by birds. Grass seed also needs more aftercare for the first month than turf.

Lawn Turf: Why and why not?

Unlike grass seed, Lawn turf is an instant lawn and can be used within a month or so. It is the perfect option for small areas or repairs where cost is not so important. There is no risk of getting washed off slopes during heavy rain and less watering required after sowing than seed. Preparation is the same as for seed, easy to lay, can be done all year around and does not require any special skill.


This can be expensive for large areas and there are limited choice readily available. And needs to be laid as soon as possible after delivery.

Though buying seeds and saving some bucks might seem to be the convenient option now, but the skill and care that goes into grass seed can spoil the game easily. Besides, even the best seeding methods do not guarantee a uniform high quality turf. Higher management and maintenance costs, compounded by increased water and chemical applications, as well as delay of use, poor visually unappealing terrain are trade-offs for the lower initial seed costs. In the long run, seeded lawn costs are approximately the same as sod lawns. The costs of overseeding and reseeding washouts, more chemical applications to control weeds and disease and higher fertiliser needs all add to this. And all these factors made us lean slightly towards the latter.

We do not want you to jump to any conclusion, we suggest you rather visit and consult with our experts at Local Turf so you can get an even clearer idea about which option is best for your project.

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