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If you are a big fan of quality, aesthetics and feel, you must agree with us when we say, there still hasn’t been a better substitute for natural turf when it comes to lawncare. If you are looking for a luscious, green lawn that has just the right appeal, you have got to go with natural turf. Though artificial turf has gained popularity with the homeowners these days for its low maintenance feature, but has it been successful in achieving the level of look and the timeless feel that natural grass has? Well, keep thinking about your answer, in the meantime, let’s discuss some interesting facts and reasons why having a well-maintained, natural lawn is good for the environment and you and your family’s health and well-being.

  • Aesthetic value: Artificial turf can have its place in the world, but nothing beats the look, feel and smell of real grass. A well maintained home lawn or sporting venue looks fantastic and adds aesthetic value to your property with its undeniable charm.
  • Maintenance and longevity: Though a live lawn requires a bit of a maintenance i.e. regular mowing, fertilising, watering and weed control but if maintained properly, a natural lawn will potentially last forever. Also, if any part of your lawn is damaged or worn out, you can easily fix it by seeding or using turf.
  • Water wise: Live lawns absorb rainfall, reducing water lost to run-off which is efficient in times of drought and effective in reducing flash flooding.
  • An environmental triumph: It pumps out oxygen, cools the atmosphere, soaks up excess rainwater, absorbs carbon-di-oxide, provides foraging ground for blackbirds and other ground feeding birds. Turf improves soil by stimulating biological life and by creating a more favourable soil structure. It also traps and filters dust from the air and purifies water as it passes through the underground aquifers.
  • Cooling: Natural turf absorbs heat and cools the surrounding environment. Turf stays cool during hot weather; up to 30 degrees cooler than hard landscaping surfaces.
  • Hygienic: Natural lawns through the process of growing and respiring, are a self-cleaning surface
  • Feel good: Standing barefoot on natural grass is proven to trigger a reduction in the signs of stress, with lowering of both heart rate and blood pressure. Also the smell of freshly cut grass regularly tops the list of most pleasant and comforting smells.
  • Design and redesign: You can design your lawn to be any shape or size you want and you can use it for whatever you want too. Whether a clean cut geometrical lawn to suit a modern home or a curved, softly shaped lawn for a cottage garden, a mini putting green to practise your golf strokes, a racetrack for the children, grazing ground for the hens or a place to set up your hammock and read a book, anything is possible with natural turf.
  • Easy makeover: If you get bored with the look and feel of your lawn, you can get busy with the garden tools and redesign it in an afternoon. Make the borders bigger, introduce an island bed or two, change straight lines into curves or vice-versa. It’s quick and it’s cheap.
  • Add value to your property: A well-presented lawn and landscaped garden adds roadside appeal, desirability and value to a property.
  • Good for all: A safe low-impact playing surface, a summer picnic table and a year round contributor to a healthy lifestyle.

Here we have discussed some of the many advantages of having a natural lawn. Local Turf offers you quality turf that you can adorn your property with and take pride in. For a beautiful lawn, contact our friendly team on 0433 944 749 .

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