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Artificial turf or plastic grass. We’ve all seen it in many places. Playgrounds and sporting fields, in public areas, often used to “grass” high traffic areas in resorts. Most commonly it will be found at mini putt venues.

Should you ever consider using artificial turf for your lawn at home or for a commercial project?

Let’s weigh up some of the pros and cons of both artificial grass and natural turf.



You may be excused for thinking artificial turf requires no maintenance. At first look it really does appear to be a set-and-forget option compared to real grass. But it’s not, really. This is even more the case when artificial turf is used for a sporting venue. In really hot weather artificial grass needs irrigating (even though it doesn’t grow) to protect the synthetic material from the heat. There is drainage and maintenance to consider. Spraying with disinfectants and other products to kill bacteria, remove odours and reduce static. The removal of organic matter. Additional infill.

Now while a field made of real turf also requires maintenance, the costs associated with the upkeep of a sporting field decked out with artificial turf will generally be more than the upkeep of natural grass. Artificial turf may not need mowing, but it doesn’t repair itself or grow back either when damaged.


Injury Risk

Playing sport on a field laid with artificial grass can potentially lead to more injuries if it’s a contact sport or a sport where falls are likely. Field hockey is often played on plastic grass, but it’s a non-contact sport and the risk of injury from hitting the deck is minimal. But when it comes to any sort of sport or activity (even in the home backyard), both artificial turf and the surface beneath is very unforgiving. Real lawn turf, growing in soil or a sandy mix, gives a lot more of a cushioning effect to break the impact of a fall or tackle.



What looks more attractive? Real grass or a plastic lawn?

I know which one I’d choose. A well maintained home lawn or sporting venue looks fantastic. Grass is beautiful. Artificial turf can have its place in the world, but nothing beats the look, feel and smell of real grass.

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