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Is there a beautiful, lush landscape on your block that looks prettier than all the others? Have you sweated over your lawn for years, put down lime, fertiliser, seed timely and did all the right things, yet it does not look like the way you want it to? Well, if you go to the root of it (excuse the pun), you will find the problem lies in the earthwork. A great landscape demands great soil, and unfortunately this is one of the most important yet overlooked requirements.

Plants are living organism that need proper environment grow, and it depends on the condition of the soil whether they will live, die, struggle, or thrive. Also, preparation saves time and money by lessening the chances of delays when landscaping begins, creates an ideal environment for introducing new and additional features, and helps you determine the project’s budget by uncovering any land conditions that could cause additional expense when the work starts. So, it’s easy to understand why groundwork is the key for any landscaping project.

Commercial or residential project requires groundwork that might include different types of work i.e. soil testing, excavation, rubbish removal, bed preparation and others. Are you prepared to handle all these by yourself? Well, that is what we are going to discuss in this article. Reasons why we suggest you hire a professional to do the earthwork:

Efficiency: There are many pitfalls of ground preparation that one can only learn out of experience and an amateur simply wouldn’t know. A professional knows how to diagnose the issues your landscaping area has and exactly how to deal with it. Handing over the task to an expert will guarantee efficiency and finesse you always wanted.

Big time-saver: Alongside skill, groundwork will need a big chunk of your attention and schedule. So if you have a bit of a money to spare, but no time, it is preferred that you seek help from an expert and utilise the extra pair of hands.

Proper knowledge and tools: When you consult with professionals about your project, they would know exactly what your landscape requirements are, what needs to be done to achieve the goal and how. They will also have the proper skills and tools. This will ensure your landscape project is getting the right treatment and getting prepared to become the beautiful thing it was born to be.

Besides, there can be a task like excavation, or something that is too big for domestic tools to handle anyway. Professionals will have the right equipment and know how to use it properly and efficiently.

Proper assessment: A professional can do the proper assessment, diagnose your area right and give the proper treatment which can help your project to thrive in the long run.

Expert take on your project: If you want to achieve something extra-ordinary, your project will need a bit more than just labour and soil. It needs the insight of an expert. A professional can do study for you and get your project going.

At Local Turf, our earthworks services make it easy. Bobcat hire, excavator hire, earthworks, ground preparation and retaining wall building are all available through Local Turf. Talk to our friendly team and let us know if your residential or commercial project needs our expert assistance.

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