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Look after your lawn and your lawn will look after you.

If you are experiencing brown patches and discolouration on your lawn, be careful to not make simple mistakes that could kill your turf.

Let’s explore three common mistakes that could be costing you your lawn.

  1. Each turf is unique and needs to be treated accordingly. Finding out how often your particular turf needs to be mowed and plan a schedule accordingly. Regular mowing will keep your lawn healthy and reduce the thatch layer that can cause and spread disease.

Regular maintenance of your mower will also assist with keeping your lawn healthy, cutting grass too short can weaken the grass and make it vulnerable to disease.

  1. Like people, lawns need to be nourished properly. A well fertilised lawn is a healthy lawn. If your lawn is not getting the right nutrients how is it meant to survive? Regular fertilising can stop those damaged areas and encourage a healthy lawn
  2. You might finish work and think it’s the perfect time to water your lawn, but you’d be wrong. Nightly watering can cause more harm than good. Your lawn is less likely to adsorb the water at night and combined with our sub-tropical climate in Queensland, you’ve just created the perfect conditions for fungal diseases to spread.

Talk to the professionals at Local Turf, we can give you all the information you need to keep your turf healthy and thriving.

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